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The agency was active as collective group since 2002 and became a registered entity in 2016. It was founded with a sole purpose of serving the arts, cultures, heritage and community development. With strong support from the stake holders, community members and volunteers we strive our best to promote local arts, culture and heritage through variety of programs and events such as musical shows, festivals, dramas, classes, and seminars both locally as well as internationally.



Diversity Cultural Association will bring awareness, education and create need-based programs and services in arts culture & heritage to foster and healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities and in promotion of tourism through artistic development.



Diversity Cultural Association creates an inclusive space where individuals can overcome their challenges and hone their creative spirits.


  • To organize artistic and cultural performances through events, exhibitions, expos, festivals, forums and other avenues for all kinds of artists locally and internationally;

  • To establish and operate community cultural hub which can bring awareness, advocacy, education and training and collaborations in field of arts and culture for children, youth, seniors, women, newcomers and individuals with disabilities;

  • To establish scholarship programs which can encourage talents of emerging, upcoming and newcomer artists and artisans;

  • To support skills development, education and training which can increase and enhance learning opportunities and foster high-quality artistic and musical performances;

  • Support art, music, culture and performing arts organizations or consortiums and undertake approaches through organizing trade missions and export activities at global industry marketplaces;

  • Launch and support initiatives that provide resources, professional development and tools at various media and digital platforms and to raise the profile and connect cultures;

  • To build bridges and intercultural networks between diverse cultures through events, workshops, programs and services which can increase social and economic development of artists, residents and clients.

  • Provide contemporary and classical Canadian professional artists with programs, platforms, and resources that support the presentation of artwork.

  • Contribute to further development of an active and vibrant community of artists and art makers and encourage them to advance in creative, conceptual, and professional development and dissemination contexts.

  • Provide engaging and inspiring workshops, programs, and learning experiences for all levels of artists, youth, and public audiences through professional artists

  • Connect with diverse audiences with special attention to enhance opportunities for Indigenous, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ artists and cultural producers to participate in contemporary and classical art events and festivals

  • Contribute to the development of awareness and literacy in Canada by promoting emerging artists and their digital artworks

  • To initiate development for Literary activities of Canadians through book publications, newsletters, magazines, blogs, conferences, workshops, training and exchange programs under print and /or digital formats and identify viable market and audiences




We strive to incorporate the arts and culture into our programming as much as possible to encourage personal growth and inspire new ways of thinking.



We aim to create an environment free of judgement, where diversity is embraced and feeling welcome is mandatory.



We value each person who enters our doors and treat everyone equally with kindness, empathy, and dignity so they feel heard.



We believe growth can’t happen alone, but with the support of others one is better able to thrive and fly to new heights, together.

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