Our Programs

Cultural Events

Interactive events and shows such as concerts, dances, drama, expos, musical nights and much more that advance the public’s appreciation for the arts, music and culture. Check out our events calendar for what’s up next.

Seniors Cultural Circle

A meeting place for seniors to feel accepted and empowered while being a part of a community. The Circle offers various daily artistic and cultural activities and other regular social gatherings to aid those who have experienced social isolation and loneliness.

Multi-cultural Exchange Program

An ongoing program that aims to foster learnings through the arts, music, and culture. Open to all ages the program enables anyone to expand their views and gain fresh knowledge on a topic otherwise unknown to them.

Youth Programs

We offer various programs that enable youth to become an active member of their community through the development of crucial life skills.

Talent Expos

A consistent program that encourages talents and growth through self-confidence exercises, and collaboration with others artists and agenies that creates a lasting impact.

Cultural Mentorships

A program to aid in the development and advancement of the creative abilities of youth through a set curriculum; including mentorship, event planning and management.

Summer Youth

An annual Summer internship carried out to implement the life skills learned throughout the year in a lively environment, through team building, creative activities, and a consistent social schedule.

Our Offices

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